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WOSE3: Web Order Show Engineer

Order handling for the manufacturers of complex, custom designed products


 Hello, I am WOSE3      


  • I work directly on the Web
  • I'm your order desk
  • I design your products and engineer them
  • I am not limited to the number of options
  • I offer real-time 3D visualization of your products
  • I calculate the cost and price of your products
  • I transmit the information to the production
  • I do not make mistakes


Is your headache due to:

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and knowledge of your engineering rules,
Wose3 revolutionizes your sales process. 



Wose3  Advantages  


      ⇓   Delays

      ⇓   Engineering costs

      ⇓   Dependence on few expert employees

      ⇓   Ressources for order processing     

⇑  Quality

  New market development

  Client experience



Wose3 — About



Wose3 — Awards and distinctions



I am the next step.


 To try our demo site: WOSE3 Demo